In 2017 our Day Shelter and Advocacy Center served 3,078 men, women and children.
Thanks to efforts of churches, civic groups, families, businesses and individuals during 2017, our Meals program was able to provide 102,291 lunches and 28,245 “to-go” meals through our Day Shelter and Advocacy Center.  12,123 hot meals were served at our evening meals site at Broad Street United Methodist Church on most Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Clothing, food, hygiene items and assistance with other material goods, such as blankets, linen and small appliances was provided for homeless and marginally housed persons or those starting a new life in housing on a daily basis thanks to generous supporters and donors.  We were able to assist those persons ‘living on the land’ 3,017 times with items such as tents, tarps, backpacks, sleeping bags and ‘bed rolls’.  3,583 instances of clothing assistance and 1,512 hygiene kits were provided to those in need.  We also provided payeeships for 61 persons and helped 135 transition into housing in 2016.

These services and advocacy efforts were possible thanks to the support, compassion and generosity of the people of Central Ohio who realize The Open Shelter continues to fill the needs of the homeless and marginally housed in our community.  These services and advocacy efforts reflect the great and growing concern for those “being left behind”  on the streets of our community.  Thank You.