Bike For Mental Health Hits The Open Shelter

What a pleasant surprise when Linda from Reynoldsburg United Methodist Church stopped by with sack lunches!  She brought along Jurgen & Esther who are riding across America for the “Bike For Mental Health”.   They started on May 30th from Oceanside, California and their goal is to make it to Boston by September.  While passing through Columbus, Linda took them in to stay for a few days & the rainy weather delayed them.  So she brought them along to see what we do here at The Open Shelter.  We took them on a tour of how we serve the most vulnerable in our community.  Linda, Jurgen & Esther were amazed by all that we have to offer.  

Bike for Mental Health envisions people to be more aware of mental health issues and what individuals with mental illnesses may experience.  By sharing their stories, goals are to have open and safe conversations, destroy stereotypes, and hope people become advocates of change.  
You can find our more about their journey and track their progress at

Thank You To Livi’s Mitzvah Project!

Thank you to Olivia Holz who through her efforts, donated 50 canvas bags — each containing soap, tissues, a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, deodorant, a wash cloth, and two water bottles — to The Open Shelter on 6/7/17.

She also gave boxes and boxes of extra donations (items they didn’t have enough of to include in each bag), including shampoo and conditioner, hand lotion, feminine products, wipes, and a lot more.  We and those we serve are very grateful for this donation!