“A time for family.  But my family is in Dayton.  So it is kind of lonely.  I have Trish but not my family.  So I pray a lot for everyone.”
                                              Darryl S.

“Mixed emotions.  Stress and depression, worrying about money but also loving where I volunteer and finding joy & happiness in helping others.  It all balances out.”
                                                 Trish S.

                                           Thomas D.

“A time wherever you are to have a reason to feel and share love.  Something we have in common no matter how you celebrate.”
                                          Aundrea A.

“Family, fun and helping others.  It is the time to give back to the world and think about and pray for those not as fortunate as ourselves.
                                          Bill C.

“Loneliness and Happiness of the celebration of Jesus Christ, my Lord & Savior.”

                                               Byron P.

“It’s time to spend with your family.”
Vickie K.

“Joy & Happiness.  To children, it means presents, family time and love.  If I had a family, it would mean the same to me.”
                                            Robert M.

“It means a lot to me.  Family Life and the Birth of Jesus Christ that we shall have life & have it more abundantly.”

                                          Anthony A.

“Waking up every morning.  People should realize it’s not about presents, decorations, trees and stockings.  Let’s concentrate on keeping places open to help the homeless.  That means a lot to me.”
                                                   Lou T.

“Remembering God’s gifts to us, family & friends who we get to spend time with.  And of course, good food.”
                                           Michael O.