Thoughts & Observations From The Frontline, Part II

As I mentioned in a previous post, the guests at The Open Shelter have reacted well to our new procedures as a result of COVID-19.  Our supporters, old and new, have also reacted well.  We have received support, financially and materially, from so many individuals and groups that frankly, it has been overwhelming.  We are committed to providing meals, almost always hot, to anyone who shows up.  This requires supplies we do not usually have or need, such as Styrofoam to-go containers, Styrofoam bowls with lids, pre-wrapped plastic ware and lots of bottled water. 

Initially, we purchased large quantities of these items as we see on average 150 men, women and children each day.  Then some amazing organizations reached out, asking about our needs and these items began showing up at our agency.  Filling this need for us directly fills the needs of the guests we see each day.

When those we serve show up and receive a hot meal to go and a sack lunch, they know that people see them, hear them and care about them.  During a time when they cannot find a place to be warm, a place to use a computer or phone, or even a place to use the bathroom; the act of showing up and providing warm food does more good than we can really understand.  It is our honor, as always, to stay behind with those left behind.

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Thank You,

Sheli Mathias
Chief Operating Officer