Fair, Consistent & Predictable

Fair, Consistent & Predictable is a mantra that was passed down to us from one of our founders, Kent Beittel.  We make sure that those The Open Shelter serves; homeless and marginally housed men, women and children, are able to trust us by following these three simple words. 

Fair- Treating our guests with respect and dignity but also letting them know that trust is a two way street.

Consistent- Yes, there are gray areas when it comes to individuals.  But we make sure that on a daily basis we perform our duties and services consistently to gain trust.  That is our commitment to those who support us.

Predictable- When a guest comes to The Open Shelter, we make sure they know they can rely on us.  That we are OPEN for a hot meal, a sack lunch, a change of clothes or items for living on the land.

Staying Behind With Those Left Behind.  Serving the most vulnerable in our community.  These are commitments to our guests and our supporters.  In 2020, we served 2514 men, women and children.  But that “we” is because of “you”.  Without the support of so many individuals, families, churches, civic groups, schools and businesses from Central Ohio and beyond we could not do this. 

This is the reason that despite many challenges and struggles, we have remained OPEN since 1983.  Especially during the harsh and severe winter weather we have experienced lately, this is so very crucial.

Please continue to support our mission as we strive to make sure your neighbors, the most vulnerable, are not forgotten.

Donate HERE– https://theopenshelter.org/donate/

Best Wishes,

Sheli Mathias