Sheli Mathias – Director
Graduate of Capital University
(B. S.) & University of Dayton (M. S.).
Was an educator in the Reynoldsburg School District for 8 years. Spent a few years between teaching and The Open Shelter as a stay-at-home mother. Began volunteering for The Open Shelter in 2014 and was hired in November 2015. Oversees our money management program, which assists approximately 60 homeless and marginally housed men and women with money management. Supervises and oversees the daily operations of the agency. Interacts with officers of the Board, volunteers, service providers, media and the public.
Solomon Dean – Deputy Director of Day Services
US Army Veteran. Has worked for The Open Shelter since 1998. Background in group home work. From Trenton, New Jersey. Has received numerous awards, including from the Columbus Coalition for The Homeless.
Is well respected and trusted by those we serve. Is considered the “backbone of the agency”. Works hands on with clients to make sure they get the clothing, food, hygiene items and resources they need to survive.

Sarah Hatchard – Director Of Guest Services
Was hired by The Open Shelter in November 2018. Graduate of Otterbein University with a B. A. in public relations and a minor in sociology. Previous work experience with Star House, Lutheran Social Services & The Ohio Association of Foodbanks. Works with clients in making sure they receive resources they need to survive and thrive. Is very successful in building up a rapport with those we serve. Sarah is very passionate about Social Enterprise.

Jerome Jackson – Donations Liaison
Jerome is a member of our Payeeship Program. Jerome has volunteered with us for many years. He helps with taking in, sorting and organizing donations. Jerome also helps make sure The Open Shelter runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis. We are very grateful for Jerome’s help.

Terry Davis – Donation Coordinator
“I love what I do at The Open Shelter. I love to help people and put smiles on their faces from the help that they have received from us. They leave with hope and they believe in their heart that we care. Just hope, love, faith, believe.”
Harry Yeprem Jr. – Resource Development Coordinator
Has worked for The Open Shelter since 1999. Lifelong Columbus, Ohio resident.  Graduate of Columbus South High School. Is responsible for fundraising for the agency, including composition and mailing of a quarterly newsletter. Handles social media, website and email contacts for the agency.
Also deals with client mail and banking for clients and donors. Works with youth groups, businesses, churches, families and individuals as far as support.

1037 Parsons Ave.

Columbus OH 43206
PHONE- 614-222-2885