The Open Shelter


The Open Shelter and those we serve THANK YOU for a Great Giving Tuesday!!!

Your support and donations raised over $6500 for our mission of “Staying Behind With Those Left Behind”.

This is the most The Open Shelter has ever raised for Giving Tuesday.

YOUR support makes sure that we are able to provide CRUCIAL NEEDS for homeless and marginally housed men, women, and children each day. Needs such as hot meals, ‘to-go’ meals, clothing, hygiene kits, and outdoor equipment.

YOUR support also ensures support services such as Birth Certificate & State ID assistance, Payeeships, and help with getting housed and staying housed.

YOUR Support also will provide a Happy Holiday Season for those who could use some joy. Thanks to YOU, we helped over 100 individuals and families for Thanksgiving. We expect a similar number, if not more, that will turn to us for help with Christmas.

YOUR support also ensures that the commitment and legacy Kent Beittel founded 40 years ago will continue for our most vulnerable neighbors.

The “covered piece of the sidewalk” he opened in 1983 will still be there as your support allows us to continue “Staying Behind With Those Left Behind”.

Thank you and we wish you all the best this Holiday Season.

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