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  • Martin Matters
    Martin is a guest The Open Shelter and YOU have assisted for nearly a year. He grew up in the area we are located now, on Parsons Avenue. Martin is not hesitant to help out where needed, whether it is helping clean up our Day Room or helping unload donations that YOU bring to us.… Read more: Martin Matters
  • Thank You John & Susan
    John & Susan are dedicated volunteers here at The Open Shelter. They are very valuable in helping us make sure those we serve are helped and that things run smoothly. They sat down to chat with us and you a little about themselves and The Open Shelter. John: “I am from South Bend, Indiana. I… Read more: Thank You John & Susan
  • Saving Saida & Saddika
    Saida & Saddika are two sisters The Open Shelter assists. Both have been through many struggles but continue to remain upbeat and positive in the face of it all. They sat down to share with us about themselves and how The Open Shelter and your support has helped them. Are You From Columbus? Saida: “We… Read more: Saving Saida & Saddika
  • Thanks For Making The NASCAR Day GiveAThon A Success!
    Thank You to EVERYONE who made the 2024 #NASCARDayGiveathon a success for The Open Shelter & those we serve! Thanks to donors, The NASCAR Foundation & its sponsors, nearly $4200 was raised for our mission of Staying Behind With Those Left Behind. Nearly $2800 in donations from caring supporters like YOU, and nearly $1400 in bonus grants & matching funds were given… Read more: Thanks For Making The NASCAR Day GiveAThon A Success!
  • YOU Made Mother’s Day Memorable!
    35 women were able to participate in The Open Shelter’s 2024 Mother’s Day Celebration thanks to your support and the support of so many! Everyone in attendance was treated to a delicious meal featuring salmon, salads, ham, turkey, meatballs, fruit, vegetables, fabulous desserts, and more that was prepared by our Director of Day Services, Solomon… Read more: YOU Made Mother’s Day Memorable!
  • Proud To Be Part Of The 2024 NASCAR Day GiveAThon!
    THE OPEN SHELTER, INC. Joins NASCAR Day Giveathon A nationwide 37-hour online giving campaign begins May 14 at 8 AM ET at Columbus, Ohio (April 22, 2024) – The Open Shelter, Inc. is joining NASCAR and The NASCAR Foundation for the second-annual NASCAR Day Giveathon, an online giving campaign to raise $650,000 in charitable funds for local charities across… Read more: Proud To Be Part Of The 2024 NASCAR Day GiveAThon!
    We want to thank everyone who not only matched a $5000 gift that was up for grabs but SLAM DUNKED that goal and pushed it to a total of $8097.00!!! A very special thanks to our new friends Jeff, Jason, Chris, Pat, and Amy from Eldorado Scioto Downs powered by Caesars Entertainment who came through at the buzzer with… Read more: THANK YOU FOR MAKING MATCH MADNESS A SLAM DUNK!
  • Assisting Anthony
    Anthony is a guest we have assisted for a long time. He also has a history with us since our time on State St. But no matter his struggles, we have been there for him. And he has been there for us, providing a pizza party for those we serve, which he will share with… Read more: Assisting Anthony
  • Asking Anne
    Anne is a long-time supporter of The Open Shelter who also volunteers for us and those we serve faithfully. Anne shared with us a little bit about herself and what The Open Shelter means to her. TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF “I am from the east side of Columbus. I grew up in south… Read more: Asking Anne
  • Get To Know Glen
    Glen Matson was recently hired as our Day Services Assistant. He works hand in hand with our Deputy Director of Day Services, Solomon Dean, to make sure our guests, homeless and marginally housed men, women, and children, feel safe, secure, and helped each day. We sat down with Glen to learn a little bit more… Read more: Get To Know Glen
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